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Wall decall is not for eternity

Wall decall is not for eternity

You want to redecorate your rooms or spice things up a bit? Then a wall tattoo is the ideal solution. That way, you do not have to wallpaper your walls the same way. A wall tattoo is quick and easy attached and just as quickly removed, if need be.

The selection of different motives is infinitely large. You will find suitable examples in our photo show. We also tell you here how to proceed when attaching the wall tattoos.

The coolest designs for wall design

Basically, one can say that a wall tattoo is suitable for every room. The nursery, the kitchen or even the bedroom – every room can be spiced up with a wall tattoo. The risk is low, because the tattoo can be easily removed again.

Once a wall tattoo is properly attached, it can last forever. In case of cases you can easily remove it by hand. Priced the tattoos are around 15 to 50 euros. If you do not feel like your old wall tattoo after one year, you will not make a big financial loss. Your wall will still be in top condition, but the tattoo can not be used a second time as the glue will only last for one attachment.