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Living room cupboards

Living room cupboards

For decades, the living room wall was an integral part of German living room furnishings. But since fewer and fewer people have books, video cassettes or large DVD collections and instead use new entertainment media, the large-scale living room cabinets have had their day. Lately, rather light shelves or small cabinet elements enjoy great popularity. The new trend in living room furniture gives the rooms a new lightness and has a positive effect on the atmosphere in German living rooms.

Customize your living room walls

As the trend towards smaller residential walls increases, so do the possible combinations of wall design. Several individual elements can be juxtaposed or hung, depending on personal preferences. The combination possibilities, which modern wall elements hold ready for the customers, are almost immeasurable. The Regal System Stacked Shelving, for example, is made from individual, rectangular frames, some of which have a back wall. These frames can be put together as needed on the wall. The individual frame elements can be attached contiguous or with decorative gaps. This shelf system can be changed and put together again and again, completely without tools. The system has been designed to fit under roof pitches or to have a television set on it.

Color relaxes the living room atmosphere

Other practical furnishing options are the elements of the Regal series slide shelf. The shelf has been designed in trapezoidal shape so that the individual elements such as puzzle pieces can be combined with each other. The customer has so many options available to make their own living room creative.

Since many shelf systems use a rather subtle color scheme, the living room can quickly look dull and gloomy. To prevent this, colorful splashes of color can complement the living room furnishings. Many shelves have devices in which coffer systems can be inserted. If these boxes are decorated in bright colors, the whole living room wall becomes much friendlier. The shelves Minima 3.0 by MDF Italia have removable doors and the devices in which colorful boxes can be integrated. With these shelves, you can let the creativity in your living room run wild.