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Poly rattan – The alternative to natural rattan

Poly rattan – The alternative to natural rattan

Poly rattan – weatherproof and dimensionally stable

The flair of rattan furniture is particularly good on the balcony, terrace or garden. This is exactly why the modern material poly rattan was developed. This synthetic fiber, made of polyethylene, looks a lot like the real rattan. The processing corresponds to the natural product. But the characteristics are strikingly different from each other. The artificial fiber offers next to the weather resistance and robustness. In this way, this furniture can also hibernate outdoors and still remain beautiful.

Synthetic fiber poly rattan: durable and easy to care for

Polyrattan furniture is almost indistinguishable from natural rattan furniture. The similarity is very big. This is partly due to the excellent workmanship of the synthetic fiber. Due to the manufacturing process, the furniture made of polyrattan are very light, although they are visually very close to the natural product. The type of braiding influences the stability of the furniture. This is ideal for garden furniture. Because they should be in a special way resistant and UV-resistant. Due to the dark colors, the light resistance is an important factor. The furniture does not fade even in strong sunlight. Another advantage of poly rattan is the easy care, because for the cleaning is enough a little water. To do this, take a damp microfibre cloth and remove the surface dirt. With the help of a brush and a soap cleaner even stubborn areas can be cleaned.

What do polyrattan furniture cost?

The prices vary depending on the manufacturer. As with other items, low priced rattan furniture can be purchased from discounters or garden centers. These are usually not brand manufacturers. If the prices are low, it may well be that the quality of the furniture is low. Manufacturers of high-quality polyrattan furniture offer their products well above the prices of the cheap markets. But in terms of prices, another factor is crucial. Whether the rattan furniture is inexpensive or costly depends simply on the size. The edition is an aspect that should be considered as well in terms of quality. If the quality is correct, the longevity of the furniture is guaranteed. If the furniture is to overwinter outdoors, the weather resistance and durability is an important consideration in choosing the manufacturer. The quality class always pays off.