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Buying a wrought iron chandelier

Buying a wrought iron chandelier

Wrought iron chandeliers always have a big impact on the house’s overall interior. These chandeliers are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. This really makes it a daunting process when it comes to choosing a suitable one for your home decor. Choosing a suitable chandelier depends on several factors. Here are some highlights to get you through.

Material Type

The type of material is crucial when it comes to achieving the right upholstery for the chandeliers. Chandeliers that are produced on a large scale usually consist of steel tubes. Steel pipes are preferred in this process because they are cheaper, weigh less and can be easily bent. These properties make it the ultimate choice for mass production. The disadvantage of this type of material is that the square hose is not actually a perfect square. The edges of the hose are slightly round and this affects the finish. There are certain materials that are also associated with certain styles.


The size of the chandelier is a rule of thumb for all types of chandeliers. The size of the chandelier in wrought iron correlates with the size of the room where it is to be fixed. A room with a high ceiling looks perfect with a large chandelier, while a room with a low ceiling fits best with smaller chandeliers. The key factor for the size of the luminaire is to keep the luminaire properly positioned and in proportion to the available space. If the chandelier is fixed in the dining room, make sure that it does not obscure the view of the table.


Wrought iron chandeliers are usually heavy compared to brass. The weight of the fixture is particularly proportional to the size. Larger chandeliers tend to weigh more. If you choose a larger chandelier, make sure it is firmly attached to the wall. Also make sure that the wall or ceiling can comfortably carry the weight of the luminaire.


These types of chandeliers are usually associated with elegance and classic design. The luminaire you choose must match the size of the room and its interior. If you have a rustic decor, a wrought iron chandelier would not be a suitable choice. Instead, a rustic interior matches well with a rough wooden chandelier. In the case of a Victorian dining room, a crystal chandelier is most appropriate.