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Ceiling lamps for chandelier

Ceiling lamps for chandelier

Chandeliers give grandeur and beauty to any room. When we enter a room, our eyes automatically open and instinctively marvel at the sight above us.


Chandelier Ceiling Lights have been around since the Middle Ages. But it was in the 16th century that quartz crystals came into play; with their ability to refract light in different directions. In 1676, George Ravenscroft, a British glassmaker, began experimenting with lead glass instead of crystal. This proved to be a more affordable option and also provided better lighting. Therefore, this gained more popularity. In 1892 came a great leap in lead crystal. Daniel Swarovski, an Austrian jeweler, developed a simpler method of cutting glass using an early electric machine. Overnight, there were more options in decorations. Chandeliers that were a great source of light also became majestic works of art. The invention of acrylic plastic used as a replacement for glass provided more reasonable and economical alternatives.

Chandeliers today

Chandeliers are no longer monopolized by the rich and famous. With various materials and alternatives available, even the average man can easily afford it. Chandelier Ceiling Lights are a beautiful way to add style and a sense of freshness to our homes. These days, they are not only beautiful but also energy efficient. Each country, city and showroom that deals with light fixtures would have different variants; from small to large chandeliers to trend-hanging pendant lamps. They are available in different styles and finishes and are ideal for all types of small or large homes. The most popular showrooms that handle chandeliers are ALA, Lumens in the USA and The House of Lights, BHS in the UK. And then the list goes on.

Tips for choosing the best chandelier

The first thing we should concentrate on would be the size of the chandelier. Too small in a large room or vice versa just would not give the expected charm; then comes in style. Depending on the rest of our decor, we should choose whether to choose a traditional or modern or abstract design. Other than garages and laundries; each room holds a beautiful chandelier. We can also turn to the professionals for tips and ideas and look forward to a well-lit and charming home.