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Candles and chandeliers latest trends

Candles and chandeliers  latest trends

One of the biggest attractions in a house is the lighting used in the houses. Candles and chandeliers give the extra zing to the house in terms of beauty that decorators generally long for. Chandeliers form the core of the house when it comes to scattering light and depending on the size of the room and the lamps used can illuminate every corner of the house.

The challenging aspect of this combination of lamps and chandeliers is finding them at a great deal. Usually, chandeliers become the expensive part of an initial investment. But in the same way, when used with light bulbs, it can end up costing a lot in the long run, because light bulbs stop consuming more power. You have to find a balance and find the perfect combination here to be able to enjoy the size of the chandelier at a cheaper price and not worry about the long-term electricity bill.

Here, some ideas will be discussed, where you can achieve this balance.


The most common form of glass chandeliers are the crystal chandeliers. However, this does not mean that you have to buy one of them. There are many similar models of glass crowns, which are made with beautifully cut glass, porcelain and even high-quality plastic, which are almost similar to the crystal crowns. They cost almost 75% less than the crystal chandelier and compromise a bit when it comes to beauty.

Drum crowns

The use of drum crowns is becoming more common. These chandeliers, among the trends for candles and chandeliers, are latest because their drum design is considered futuristic. They are available in different shapes such as the trellis crowns or circular shape. This type of chandelier is relatively inexpensive and costs between $ 50 and $ 100. There are the expensive ones too, but one can easily find trends for the money in this section.

Metallic chandeliers

Buying metal crowns over other materials reduces the cost. The metallic chandeliers are cheap compared to the glass chandeliers and are comparable to the chandeliers. Such chandeliers give a modern elegant look to the surroundings.

Led light

The use of LED lights complements the set of affordable offers in lamps and chandeliers. LED lamps are known for remarkably low power consumption, which means low electricity bills. At the same time, they are quite long-lasting compared to light bulbs of fluorescent lamps. They cost relatively higher than ordinary lamps, but if you look at the long term, they are a cheaper alternative.