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Choose a floor lamp

Choose a floor lamp

Lighting is an important aspect that can illuminate the house. It is now considered only in the furniture and nowadays people pay special attention to lighting. You can get light by putting a simple light bulb or CFL but it does not give the aesthetic look that is much needed. The floor lamp shade is the most common lamps in any room. There are many beautiful floor lamp shades available that will catch the eye of you. Its beauty will be appreciated by the guests who come to your home.

Why use floor lamps?

The floor lamps are the lamps that are usually used for reading and as self-supporting luminaires. The floor lamps can be used in the living room for reading and they are also used on the office surfaces. Usually the floor lamps have the solid base and the pole that can easily hold the luminaire. At the top is the lampshade that directs the light in the right direction. The floor lamps are chosen by the decorators to match it with the surrounding furniture and also to match the theme of the room.

Select suitable lampshades

There are some things to consider when choosing a floor lamp shade. The first and most important thing is to choose a lampshade with the right height. You must select the lampshade which is two thirds of the base height. This is necessary so that the balance between top and bottom weight is maintained. There is a lot of hardware in the floor lamps like the wire frame around the light bulb. So make sure that the lampshade does not expose the hardware underneath.

The floor lamp shade should be selected to match the base. If the base is round, the round shade is best. If the base is square or angled, the square shade fits best. In short, the shade of the floor lamp should be chosen so that it complements the base in the best way. If you choose the floor lamp for reading, the transparent shade is more preferred because it provides the ambient light. An opaque shade is the best option when using only the lamp as an accent light. If you have the room that has antiques, the pleated lampshades will give the traditional look.