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Chandeliers – styles and their applications

Chandeliers – styles and their applications

Chandeliers come in different shapes, forms and patterns. The most common shape and form of a chandelier is the shape of the pendant, called a chandelier pendant. They are so named because of their hanging style style. This style of chandelier is considered to be the more beautiful. This chandelier is quite successful in enhancing the grandeur of the room that it fits into and provides a luxurious view of the room itself. Apart from that based on the material chosen for this hanging chandelier, it can completely change how one would look in the room without it.

Here are some of the styles and uses of chandelier pendants.

Glass style for center halls and large rooms

The glass-shaped chandelier pendants are considered best for commercial buildings or large houses, which can accommodate large halls or rooms that can accommodate 50 or more people. The glass-style chandelier gives these rooms a completely new look. This chandelier usually consists of crystals. The light is reflected and refracted from these crystals which themselves illuminate the room and increase its glamor quotient. This type of environment can usually be found in town halls, operas, auditoriums, theaters, etc. They can also be found in farmhouses and in the living rooms of villas, etc. The disadvantage of such chandeliers is that they are extremely expensive and the fixture must be strong enough to hold the weight of the chandelier itself.

Drum style for smaller rooms

This type of chandelier pendant usually comes with transparent material that surrounds the lamps. They are available in variations in the form of multilayer or single-stage lamps. This type of chandelier is perfect for smaller rooms, as it enhances the atmosphere and views of the room itself through its appearance and the light as it disappears. They come in different shapes depending on the size of the head that surrounds the lamps. The upside of this chandelier is the modest price and modest views it gives the room. It is especially more useful in small rooms.

Contemporary style for smaller rooms or large halls

The most versatile of all styles of chandelier pendant is the modern style. The shape of this style of chandelier depends entirely on the designer himself and it does not follow a certain form factor. They are suitable both for large halls and for small rooms. However, this style only suits halls and rooms that are contemporary in design. They are also quite expensive in price and have a very modern and elegant design.