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Types of electric luminaires

Types of electric luminaires

Electric luminaires are luminaires used to produce electric light using an electric lamp. These luminaires thus require connection to an electrical power source so that they can produce the light. There are three different types of electric lighting fixtures that are classified according to their installation method, the function of the light or the type of lamp that the fixture uses. Some of these are discussed in this article.

  • Table lamps such as gooseneck lamps, night lights and balanced arm lamps.
  • Floor lamps such as the pocket lamp, the gooseneck lamp and
  • Bouillottelampan.
  • Portable / standalone type

  • Ceiling lighting: This is the general place to place most electrical fixtures so that the light spreads outwards and fills the entire room. The lamp luminaires that are often used here include dome / recessed lighting luminaires that are in direct contact with the ceiling.
  • Recessed lighting: Here, the lamp’s protective cover is hidden inside the ceiling. Types of recessed lighting include folding candles, jars and trophies.
  • Surface: Mounted lighting. Here, the lamp’s protective cover is very visible and hangs mostly from the wall / ceiling. There are very many types of lamps that fall into this category, which include chandeliers, pendants, sconces, track lighting and the decorative ceiling fan lighting fixture.
  • This type of electric lamp is normally mobile and uses an electrical cable that is connected to the electrical source. A number of lamps find use under this type of luminaires, which include:

    These portable lamps offer different lighting depending on the intended use. Most are used to provide task lighting, such as reading books or illuminating certain areas of a room.

    Fixed luminaires

    As the name suggests, this type of electric luminaire is movable and located in only one place. Fixed luminaires are very common in all homes in these areas:

    Luminaires for special purposes

    Apart from the above luminaires that are most often used to light different areas and tasks at home, there are the electric luminaires that are intended for special purposes. Some of these include accent luminaires used to illuminate certain objects or special functions in a room, headlights used to illuminate outdoor playgrounds, such as stadiums, strobe lamps to produce ordinary flashes of light, and wall-washing lamps that are very useful in contemporary architecture, museums and galleries to illuminate large areas.