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Wall light shelf in your living room

Wall light shelf in your living room

Home decoration

I received an email from a famous lady. She has a ranch-style house with four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms in the typical Spanish architecture of that area of ​​the southwestern United States.

Anyway, she wrote to me and said that she did some decoration in two rooms in her home with Wall Sconce Shelf and was looking for some wall decorations valuable suggestions. She went on to say that all the rooms she would beautify are the living room in addition to the dining room.

Wall lamp Shelf for room

To make it very easy for me to understand regarding the decor and furniture earlier in these rooms, she sent me several pictures of both rooms so that I could study them carefully and make my best suggestions on the Wall Sconce Shelf.

Almost immediately my thoughts went to wall lamps. There are several beautiful pieces that would add a little charm to any southwestern piece of furniture.

Living room decoration

I started with 1st living room. In this room the carpet is medium brown. There is a rather large crowded dark brown leather sofa, a red leather beautiful chair and a fabric chair in a southwestern pattern of red, yellow, green in addition to gold. Surrounded by the sofa and chairs is a large square marble coffee table in a light dark brown marble swirl.

There is an adobe stove in the wall corner in the form of a cone with the larger part of the cone on the bottom, tapering up in the corner around the wall. This fireplace is light brown with nice rolls in dark brown that accentuate the opening of the fireplace, the large black mantle and the upper half of the cone go up the corner of the wall.

On the left side of the fireplace are windows and a smooth sliding glass door with a view of the desert and the mountains in the background? On the right side of the fireplace is a wall with two large framed large Native American oil paintings, one on top of the other. This is due to the need for wall space as there is a large oak entertainment center that covers almost the entire wall space.