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Terrace fireplace for the long evenings

Terrace fireplace for the long evenings

The installation of a terrace fireplace guarantees that the sociable and beautiful evenings in the open air do not end with the onset of cold weather. The terrace fireplace spreads a pleasant and comfortable warmth in your outdoor area, which invites you to linger.

Cozy atmosphere by a terrace fireplace

If you are planning to set up a masonry, solid terrace fireplace, then the patio floor must be examined in advance in terms of carrying capacity and robustness. The high weight of such a terrace fireplace, for example, could lead to problems with a thin wooden floor covering. The same applies if the fireplace is to find its place in the garden:

If there is no suitable place with foundations and paving soil, this should be specially created for this purpose.

In the meantime lighter models can be found on the market, which are even mobile with pre-assembled wheels. However, a stone underground is preferable to the heat. Most lighter chimneys often include accessories such as a grill, so you can spend a barbecue with friends in addition to the cuddly warmth.

Build terrace fireplace yourself

The specialized trade or DIY store offers a variety of kits that you can easily build a patio fireplace yourself. It even addresses your own wishes to make your fireplace as individual as possible: pick stones yourself, plaster and paint to your own taste.

The terrace fireplace also has the advantage over an open fireplace that the resulting smoke is discharged upwards and does not blow uncontrollably in the garden.

It is also possible to build a light chimney on your own: Here you can recommend the use of wire boxes, which are also called gabions. They are filled with stones and are therefore as stable as a terrace fireplace,