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Buying houseplants – Where indoor plants feel at ease

Buying houseplants – Where indoor plants feel at ease

Whether in the dry desert or in the even scarier tundra – plants grow and flourish almost everywhere. Does your house make an exception here? Then your plants may just be in the wrong place. Even the most frugal cactus or the most stubborn polarbirch can not survive if you’re given a wrong location. Sometimes it may be sufficient to assign the plants to another place in the room, so that they thrive better. Your houseplants do not necessarily need a green thumb – usually it is sufficient to pay attention to some care tips. The photo show shows ten modest houseplants that can do without much care. Another nine

Buying houseplants

The ficus, the yucca palm and Co. thrive best if your location always offers the same growth conditions as their home country. This is not that unrealistic in Germany. For example, the living room is often south-facing – so it gets the warmest sunshine and most of the light. The south window is always particularly well suited for plants of the desert and heat-proven sun worshipers such as the agave, the aloe and the Kalanchoe, explains Rolf Möhrke from the State Association of Garden Friends in Saxony-Anhalt.

Where houseplants feel good

In particularly large living rooms, the Strelitzia, the rubber tree or even the elephant foot can be used well as a structuring design element. According to Möhrke, these plants love temperatures of at least 20 degrees Celsius during the day and over 15 degrees Celsius at night.