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Guidebook balcony design

Guidebook balcony design

For many people, a balcony is a must and they can not do without it. The sun providers can make a personal paradise on the balcony with little money and time. Regardless of whether the balcony is a small balcony, a bare roof terrace or a shady loggia – with simple tricks the balcony becomes a real place in the sun.

Make beautiful balconies easy

But this should be done first of all times a basic design of the balcony.

Flooring for the balcony

The uncomfortable ugly concrete or cement floors can be easily embellished by outdoor rugs and self-laid panels. Because beautifully designed and above all robust rugs in the dimensions 100 X 200 cm, there are already from 25 EUR to get. But floors made of wood or plastic panels are more hygienic and easier to care for than carpets. You can get them for self-publishing with handy elements that you can easily cut yourself.

The right color for a quick embellishment of the balcony