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Setting up with fur: The eye-catcher in every home

Setting up with fur: The eye-catcher in every home

Fur is a versatile factor when it comes to interior design. Especially in winter, fur is cozy and warm and contributes to the comfort, no matter in which living room.

If you do not want the coat to be too obvious, stay with a fur pillow on the sofa, a small fur on the chair or the typical cow or cowhide as a rug. Of course, there is again the choice between short and long hair skins. Many shorthair skins can also look very appealing in spring and summer. Longhair coat is often seen in the cold autumn and winter months. Especially if your interior style is simple, skins will fit very well. Here you make a real eye-catcher.

Different skins for different styles!

When it gets really cold and gets uncomfortable outside, you can really get comfortable inside with a lamb or sheepskin. Whether as cushions or cushions for the living area, as a bedside rug or fur rug in front of the fireplace, longhair skins give you in every room a feeling of romance and cottage magic. If that is too much hut look, you can fall back on small pillowcases or accessories made of patterned or natural fur and set specific accents.

If, for moral and ethical reasons, you do not want to buy or support animal hair, you can confidently resort to artificial fur. There are many cheap, beautiful faux fur in all possible versions. Especially popular are lamb and cow skins. Apart from the fact that many of these skins charge statically, there is nothing that you have to turn a blind eye and thus the perfect solution for those who do not want to miss out on the fur look after all.