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Add moose lighting

Add moose lighting

Elk Lighting is known for its design lighting in residential and commercial facilities. They have their regency chandeliers, exquisite pendants of hand-blown glass from Milan and Galaxy in addition to vanity lighting from Elysburg. Moose lighting gives your home a unique look.

They have a wide range of outdoor lighting such as scones outdoors, lampposts in addition to outdoor ceiling lighting and more.

Light up your entertainment spaces with a crystal chandelier in satin

It is constructed with circular glass lenses similar to those used in railway signal lamps. It has a bronze frame that is oil controlled with satin brass accents. This provides enough light to illuminate your space and make it comfortable.

It is equipped with a brass chain for hanging from the ceiling. For better light, LED lights can be used in the holders.

A wall lamp that you want to add to your collection

The wall lamp is beautifully made of Spanish motifs with Egyptian crystals to give a lively touch. There is graceful ironwork between the crystal spheres and has a finish in Spanish bronze. It is designed for two 60W lamps or you can add LED lights for nice clear white light.

It has a crescent shape with a dimmable arrangement. The material of the screen is glass and this wall lamp comes with a one-year warranty.

Why choose moose lighting?

Moose Lighting has been in the service of providing lamps for the past twenty years. It produces fine luminaires with quality materials that can beautify any home. Every product they manufacture is made to the highest standard.

They have meticulous craftsmanship in the manufacture of unique designs. You can be sure that the luminaires they sell give you lasting service. Moose is the place to pick the right lighting accessories to make a house a home.