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Correct garage door

Correct garage door

Every now and then you should give your garage door a new coat of paint. Because over time, the color weathers – no matter whether it is an aluminum, metal or a wooden gate. Of course, when painting a garage door make sure that the color also matches the environment – ie the color of the house wall or the garden. In the choice of paint for the paint for painting a garage door, of course, everyone is free in its color choice. Also, you do not have to limit yourself to one color. With a template even pictures and accents can be set with other colors. Basically, the painting of the garage door makes this no longer grubby and the entire house or land gives a more positive overall impression.

Who wants to delete his garage door, of course, can not rush like wild on it. First and foremost is to wait for the ideal painting temperature of 20 ° C. It needs a good preparation, so that the painting succeeds. First, it is necessary to get the right color. This depends on whether it is a wooden, aluminum or metal gate. Before you even take the paint at hand and the brush, you have to grind wood and metal garage doors once and rid of rust. Defective areas must be repaired.

With a simple garage door paint, you can paint a metal garage door directly on the zinc layer. If you use a metal paint, you first have to apply a primer, just as you would like to paint a wooden garage door. And if a wooden garage door is to be painted, an acrylic insulation should also be incorporated beforehand. After painting a wooden garage door, a protective coating must also be applied after applying and drying the paint.

To repaint a garage door you not only have to spend a little time, but also creativity. This concerns above all the selection of the color.