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Custom-made garage

Custom-made garage

No garage today has to look dull and boring. In the meantime, garages can be designed as needed and made using different construction methods. The individual garages can be realized both in small building gaps and on large areas. You can also optically adapt your new garage to your home.

While formerly used only as a sheltered place for the car, today significantly more functions are expected from a garage. This must provide space for bicycles, garden furniture and other small as well as large utensils. Often the garage is also used as a hobby room with sufficient space. Due to the constantly growing demands, garages can now be planned individually and to the desired size.

To plan the size of your garage, it depends on the budget and the available space. Custom-made garages can also be found on small plots in vacant lots. In contrast, a large plot offers more free space to plan your garage individually to a greater extent. Here are various design options. They have a large selection of roof moldings, garage doors and colors for the exterior facade. Ideally, your new garage can be designed to match the house, creating a harmonious whole.

If you want to save time and money, you can opt for a ready-to-build garage because it does not need to be built on a stone by brick basis. You have the possibility to have your garage made in advance according to your wishes. This is then placed as a prefabricated building on the prepared property.