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antique floor lamps

Floor lamps

  • You can use your old floor lamp stand or buy from some garage sale or some used items that sell stores. Paint them if they do not match your decor.
  • For the shadow, cut the arc from the center to form two semicircles. Get a hard cardboard box for the base of the mailbox. Make sure you have a cut in the base to insert light.
  • Cut plexiglass according to the diameter of the frame and the length of the base.
  • Hold one bow at a time and attach the plexiglass to it using hot gun glue. Repeat the same with the other side. When you are done, add retaining clips to keep things in place.
  • Floor lamps are a good addition to lighting fixtures. Floor lamps are easy to fit in all corners of the house and do not take up much space compared to table or table lamps because they require a table and a desk, respectively. Nothing is more beautiful than having an antique floor lamp. This article will help you have your own floor lamps that are completely unique.

    Guide to creating your own antique floor lamp

    Do you have a mailbox outside your house? Do you want something similar inside the house? Well, here is the guide to help you.