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install chandeliers at home

The chandeliers are mounted light fixtures that not only give your home light but also beauty and elegance in the rooms of your home.

Chandeliers are permanent structures unlike the moving lamps and therefore it is necessary to place them in the right place to make them work well and provide enough light required for your home. You also need to hire an electrician to install the chandeliers properly and also to avoid installation problems that can get expensive if they go wrong.

Chandeliers in the home are not suitable for installation in libraries and other places that need a sufficient amount of lighting because chandeliers are decorative candles with a warm and dim light. Places such as the dining room, living room and foyer are the best for installing chandeliers in the home where people often talk and sit with family and friends to enjoy each other’s company.

Some points to keep in mind

If you place the chandelier in a dining room, be sure to hang the fixture above the center of your table. You need to place the crystal chandeliers for the other rooms in your home at a height of more than 8 feet above the floor for style and safety. The scones should be hung in such a way that the light source is above your eye level.

If your room has very high ceilings, you need to install the chandeliers at home a little higher to make it look elegant. The chandelier or chandeliers should not extend far from the wall as people may encounter it as they pass by.

Tips for Chandelier Shopping

Choosing the right chandelier size to fit your dining room is important. Your chandelier should not dominate your dining table or look very large in the dining room. It is ideal to measure the width and length of your dining table or diameter if it is a round table before shopping for a suitable chandelier. The size of the fixture you buy can be obtained by subtracting 12 inches from the width of your table.

On a long wall, the smaller scones or wall-mounted chandeliers will look lost. Therefore, you need to choose a chandelier size that complements the long wall and looks perfect when you show it on the wall. For example, you can choose a vertical and long lamp if you have higher walls.