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Bamboo planks as a robust terrace covering

Bamboo planks as a robust terrace covering

Outdoor decking should be tough and make friends for many years. A durable material is bamboo boards. Bamboo grows as a raw material very quickly, so that a design of the terrace with bamboo is also very environmentally friendly.

Resistant and environmentally friendly material

Decking is exposed 365 days a year to the weather with wind and rain as well as the UV rays of the sun, it is trampled on and furniture crazy. In addition, she should persist for many years without her age being considered. Therefore, the decking should be based on a robust, durable material. Bamboo is such a material, which brings some advantages. Fast regrowth is a readily available resource. This is similar to the other hardwoods such as bangkirai and teak. The bamboo has cavities that give it an elastic strength. This gives the bamboo flooring their footing resistance.

The growth of the plant has a positive effect on its availability: bamboo grows very quickly, making it easily available and making it the ideal building material. In addition, the use of bamboo as a material is good for the environment. To get an idea of ​​the growth of this plant, just a few numbers called: Most bamboo species watch several inches a day. There are also species that can shoot just over a meter into the sky during the day. The wood is good and ready for harvest after three years of growth. The hardness of the wood comes about through the plant substance lignin.

Care of bamboo flooring

In Asia, bamboo has been one of the traditional materials for interior and exterior decoration for centuries. Even poor people can afford this building material. Due to the high resilience, the environmental friendliness and the variety of colors, the bamboo has made the leap from the Far East to Europe. He is also becoming more popular as a building material here. For the production and refinement, only natural substances in the sense of environmental protection are used. According to “home living”, the price for one square meter is around 85 euros. It is important to remember that the bamboo planks can fade when exposed to sunlight and other environmental factors for a long time. As a tip against the fading is recommended the regular cleaning of the bamboo flooring. Also, the application of a special oil after cleaning counteracts signs of wear. An advantage over other tropical woods is the lack of bleeding bamboo, so you do not have to worry about walls or walls becoming dirty.

If you choose bamboo as decking, you will get sturdy, durable and environmentally friendly planks for outdoor use.