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Terrace slabs of bluestone

Terrace slabs of bluestone

Terraces made of natural stone look attractive and have been used for millennia in home construction and landscaping. They fit better into the overall composition of an outdoor area with the surrounding garden than with the use of concrete slabs. One of these natural materials is the bluestone, which to this day fascinates the viewer and is very much used outside. Nowadays the bluestone is available as ready-made tiles, which can be laid very well as a terrace covering.

Various bluestone variants as patio decking

Bluestone is an umbrella term for various natural stone species. Therefore, it can be selected from different variants of patio tiles. There is the right bluestone from the Belgian town of law, which is a kind of slate. In addition, the geologists distinguish the Aachen bluestone, which is a type of limestone. The Aachen bluestone is used more frequently. Since the mining areas are slowly exhausted, the Aachen bluestone is often replaced by Belgian granite.

Easy laying of bluestone slabs

The geological variants are all very easy to lay as plates on the terrace. The grain of the various bluestone stones offers a varied eye-catcher and attracts the eye again and again. The natural stone is robust against the weather and even years of UV light does not harm the stone. Therefore, the bluestone plates are very suitable for the design of the outdoor area. The bluestone as a natural raw material blends seamlessly into the environment of a natural landscaped garden and everything appears as a uniform composition.

When laying the bluestone slabs you must pay a lot of attention. The slabs need a good substructure of split and gravel. That should not be saved. The panels are laid with joints so that you can replace defective panels easily.