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Spot lighting trend ideas

Spot lighting trend ideas

Light was developed for sight when it is dark and since the start they have undergone an enormous development over the years. They are an irreplaceable part of any house or commercial building, and when we talk about lighting and building, it means both inside and out. Site lighting is the lighting systems that belong together outside the building. Their main purpose would be to cover an entire area outside the building and provide adequate lighting.

Over the years, the lighting systems for spot lighting have undergone major changes. Let’s see the different types of lamps that were there and also the modern ones.

Light bulbs

These were among the first of the website lights ever used. Here, the electricity passes through a resistive wire that has high heat resistance and emits light. Tungsten is the material most commonly used. These lamps come in different sizes and shapes depending on the voltage and power supply required. They emit a bring-light that is usually yellow. They are known to put a certain strain on the eyes and are not effective in terms of lumen effect. Apart from this, they are also known to consume a lot of power which can lead to a huge maintenance cost and they also have a limited range.

Fluorescent lamps

One of the first innovations in lamps that consume much less power compared to incandescent lamps. This type of spot lighting emits a very strong but still soft white light. This type of lamp has two terminals inside, the anode and the cathode. The electricity creates an arc between the two terminals. Now these lamps are usually filled with mercury gas. The electricity ionizes mercury atoms and thus emits this white light. Despite these advantages, they are not as suitable for spot lighting as some of the other options. There is a larger limit to the area they can illuminate up to. The size is not so welcoming either. They are generally long tubes. However, a better version of fluorescent lamps was developed with a compact size called CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) which offers all the positive effects that were not present in the long lamps.

High intensity discharge lamps

This type of spot lighting is mostly found outside commercial buildings. They act as the fluorescent lamps, except that the arc between the terminals passes through a high-pressure tube and thus causes metallic additives to evaporate. They emit a very bright beam of light and are perfect for outdoor spaces. They are also known to be quite energy efficient.


The modern trends in Site lamps are LED lamps. The main advantage here is that they consume less than 75% of the power consumed by other categories and still emit strong light on equal terms. They are known to be the longest of all. For a typical outdoor arrangement, you must have many LEDs combined and thus give a very strong light. There are additional steps to make this technology even cheaper.