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Folding doors – a way to save space

Folding doors – a way to save space

Especially if you want to make your living space space-saving, it makes sense alternative folding doors into consideration. It is very advantageous here that there is no swivel range in the folding doors and they can be used in this way even in the small corners. In view of the vivid home furnishings exist different ways and even the fastening is possible in different styles.

Alternatively use folding doors

The way in which folding doors work can be compared to a concertina in a simplified way. When the door is closed, the different leaves are side-by-side, creating a straight-lined surface. However, when the door is opened, they collapse to ensure that the open door looks rather solid, otherwise it needs it but hardly additional space. The door leaves are hinged and connected to one or many guide rails. In many cases, these run on the upper edge of the door frame, because they could otherwise be a hindrance on the floor as a trip hazard. Otherwise, it is possible to distinguish simple folding doors from dual models that can be moved either to the right or to the left.

Save a lot of space

For those who like it unique and colorful, there is the possibility to design the different parts of the folding doors with pictures, which on the locked door all in all give a beautiful motive or the door can be decorated to match the corresponding room.

Due to the fact that folding doors, even when they are opened, do not protrude into the room, a lot of space can be saved, because there is no need to pay attention to any swiveling area where there are no housing objects. Especially when it comes to separate smaller rooms spatially, make folding doors are particularly good. However, they can equally well be used as room dividers for larger rooms. Folding doors can also be used well when delimiting an accessible wardrobe. There are many possibilities and alternatives here.