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Modern and stylish – how to find the perfect kitchen

Modern and stylish – how to find the perfect kitchen

Increasingly, the kitchen becomes the central space of an apartment or house. Since this is to be adapted to the living environment, it is quite difficult to find from the large range of different kitchens, a modern kitchen that meets the requirements. If the residents are endowed with a weakness for design and art, this should also be reflected in the kitchen.

Even getting information brings you closer to the new, modern kitchen. Here are some handy tips to help you buy the new kitchen. In addition, you get an insight into trends and new developments in kitchen design.

How do you recognize a modern kitchen?

Each of the many kitchen styles has special highlights. In contrast to modern kitchens, country kitchens are mostly made of wood with a design of natural colors. Modern kitchens, on the other hand, set standards in terms of workmanship and quality. In addition, modern kitchens are characterized by straightforwardness and straightforwardness.

A modern kitchen is characterized by a high standard of aesthetics as well as very good functionality. With an unusual design, often in colorful, eye-catching colors, creates a special, individual atmosphere in a modern kitchen.

Modern kitchens in trendy colors

At the present time, for a modern family, the kitchen is no longer just the space in which meals are taken. The kitchen has long since become the center of life. It also serves as a central space for meetings with friends or family. To add a personal touch here, the kitchen market offers endless design options. Handleless fronts and clean lines are a trademark, especially for purist kitchen furniture. High-gloss surfaces in all imaginable color variations literally bring a high gloss to the modern kitchen.

The color palette has no limits. It ranges from green and yellow tones over black and white combinations to poppy or noble reds.

To give expression to your own taste, it is even possible for some kitchen furniture to put together colored components. If you choose a trend or designer kitchen, the kitchen can be easily integrated into your overall lifestyle. This is a serious advantage especially for open kitchens.

The effect and very extreme look of a fashionable kitchen are decided by the choice of materials. While country kitchens look cozy and warm through their wooden surfaces, kitchens with glass fronts look fresh and clear. The advantages of plastic surfaces lie in other areas. On the one hand, they leave you plenty of scope for color design, on the other hand, they are robust and easy to clean. Kitchens with glass fronts give the viewer an insight into the contents, while plastic and wooden kitchens with closed fronts stop here.

Only a few years ago stainless steel was almost exclusively used as material for large or professional kitchens. Today, stainless steel enjoys a high degree of popularity, especially in fitted kitchens. In addition to the non-removable hygienic advantage stainless steel looks elegant, cool and noble. However, fingerprints always fall into the eye of the beholder, which makes the care somewhat more elaborate, as in the case of glass fronts.

Modern kitchens contain the latest techniques

In the time of the energy-saving programs, in addition to functionality, the focus is on energy efficiency in a modern kitchen. Once the trend from the gas stove to the electric cookers, this is now declining again. In order to save electricity, consumers are increasingly turning to modern gas ovens and gas stoves, as they are cheaper to consume. For an electric oven, the convection function should be standard for this reason. With the recirculation function, the baking process is operated at much lower temperatures. Pure luxury are ovens with integrated appliances such as microwave or grill.

A dishwasher is missing in hardly a modern kitchen. Due to the large range of many different manufacturers there are huge differences in terms of power consumption and functionality. In refrigerators and freezers modern technology pays off in any case, as these devices are in operation all year round 24 hours a day. Here can be achieved with modern technology a not insignificant power savings. In order to keep vegetables and fresh meat fresher longer, refrigerators are equipped with special compartments with optimal cooling. Refrigerators with a water or ice cube dispenser or a drinks compartment opening offer a bit more comfort.

Kitchen planning made easy

If your preference is for individual design and state-of-the-art technology, you will make the right choice with a modern kitchen. To start planning, you must first measure the premises. Doors, sills, windows and connections should be included in the planning.

If you want to follow the current trend, plan a cooking island. But this requires a lot of space and in the middle of the room lying connections ahead. Alternatively, a cooking island offers as storage space and pure work surface.

In terms of materials, the trend is currently towards ceramic kitchen fronts and ceramic worktops. The attributes of a contemporary kitchen are that kitchens with ceramic surfaces are hygienic, robust and extremely hard-wearing. A state-of-the-art design is also provided for your kitchen with materials such as artificial stone or plastic.

Decision to a new, modern kitchen

In a good kitchen exhibition you will find the agony of choice. A large kitchen studio will put you in front of a huge assortment of different kitchens. It is up to you to be inspired by trends, colors and latest materials.

Not to be neglected is that in a modern kitchen also the newest technology should be integrated. Here, the main focus must be on energy efficiency and state-of-the-art technology.

If that gets over your head, then hire one of the expert kitchen advisors. He has sufficient knowledge of kitchen construction, modern technology and energy saving.