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Double bed right for your bedroom

Double bed right for your bedroom

The most common bed sizes are Western King, Eastern King, Queen King, California King, Double, Full and Single. With so many different bed sizes available, how do you understand the right type of bed for your bedroom? If you think the professionals at your local furniture store will be able to help you with this, you’re wrong. The only thing these professionals are interested in is their sales.

If you are planning to get a new bed for your room, or perhaps your child’s room, a double bed may be the right choice for you. Let us try to understand the double beds as well as some other types of beds in detail to help you make the right decision.

Double beds are also known as single beds by many. These beds are very narrow, making them a perfect choice for limited space environments. Usually, double beds also have a roll under the main frame to fit in another guest. They are also a great choice for bunk beds.

The overall dimension of the double bed is 39 inches x 75 inches. The biggest advantage of having a double bed is its ability to fit in the smallest rooms. In addition, sheets for double beds are also the cheapest among other bed sizes.

Another type of single bed is two extra long beds. They are usually 5-7 inches longer than a regular double bed and can usually be found in teen rooms. You can also find them in university dormitories to easily accommodate teenagers.

The overall dimension of an extra long double bed is 39 inches x 80-82 inches. The best thing about double extra long beds is its ability to easily accommodate taller teenagers. In addition, these types of beds are very easy to make because they have a narrow frame. If you are planning to add more sleeping space to a room, the best idea is to get two extra double long beds. You can use them as a single bed or combine them together.

Absolutely not! Yes, you can find them in some bedrooms, but they are generally not preferred by couples because of their slenderness. As a result, they are often used for a temporary event.

If you want a larger bed, you may want to look for a king or queen bed that is wider than twin beds.
If it is only for a guest room or a single room for teenagers, it turns out that the double beds are the best choice.