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Country style – kitchens in a fashion trend

Country style – kitchens in a fashion trend

Not only in fashion, but also in the living worlds of today, this current style has long set its accents. The charisma of the furnishings suggests homeliness and coziness. The pleasant living feeling in the country house style results from bright and warm colors. More and more consumers want this feeling in their kitchen. Therefore, it is not surprising that the country style has now moved into the kitchens.

The popularity level of Country Kitchen shows the increased demand. In contrast to the design kitchen with its cool elegance, this kitchen radiates a touch of playfulness. With a creative design of the kitchen in the country house style, the homely feel-good effect automatically moves into the area normally reserved for cooking.

Country kitchens especially to your taste

Country kitchens radiate tradition and charm, but are never old-fashioned. Currently, the retro style is one of the current trends, so a kitchen in the country-style already evoke memories of bygone times.

Designed in keeping with the times, the modern kitchen furnishing, with the natural, light tones adapted to the country house style, spreads a pleasant atmosphere and exudes warmth. In contrast to the earlier coarse and dark country kitchen kitchens, modern country-style kitchens provide a cozy atmosphere.

When planning the new country kitchen with the help of a consultant you will understand how to reconcile modernity and tradition. In addition to the nostalgic flair, a current country kitchen offers you the most modern technical refinements.

The highlights of an effectively planned country kitchen consist of special details and the ideal lighting.

How is the country house style explained?

For country-style kitchens, the wood fronts predominantly bribe with their bright, warm colors. Not only the design of these kitchens is in the center, but also the feeling of homely feeling created by the nostalgic touch.

However, when buying a kitchen the many differences of the country style have to be considered. The offer ranges from Scandinavian to Franco-Mediterranean to American and rustic. Here you can let your imagination run wild.

If you have found the right person, you too will come to your own country kitchen. A good kitchen consultant will bring you closer to the styles combined under the generic term country house.

Common to all styles are natural, high quality materials such as terracotta, stone, wood or even wicker. Through a special treatment of the surfaces of the respective material, the natural look undergoes a further appreciation. This is done by either treating the surfaces with oil or wax, or leaving them natural, patinated, brushed, painted, wiped or stained with antiquity.

For example, a country-style kitchen does not just remind you of the high-quality workmanship of the bygone era of the past. At the same time, the country-style kitchen is on par with the other types of kitchen in terms of modern design. Although the design is rather nostalgic, it is as modern in terms of technology and design as any other kitchen.

Country house design in different styles

Most consumers certainly know the classic orientation of the country house design, the rustic country style. The design of one of these rustic kitchen models is dominated by wooden fronts equipped with lattice panes or cassette doors in natural wood tones or creamy white.

The American country house design, however, appears reduced. Often a cooking island and a counter are integrated. A French-Mediterranean style country house kitchen is made up of predominantly cream or white fronts, but this does not exclude the inclusion in the details of basket, iron or wood shades.

The cool Scandinavian style is often dominated by bluish or white shades. For the fronts of these kitchen furniture variations are used from subtle cassettes to horizontally connected wooden strips, the so-called cottage look. Not to be overlooked is the English country style, which is rather luxurious and dignified.

From playful to reduced country kitchen kitchens everything is possible. However, with their nostalgic design they always follow the look of the good old days. A common feature of all country house kitchens is their comfort and comfort. Lovers of country cottages say, this is also the charm of this type of kitchen. From the so very large range of country kitchen kitchens, you will find your dream kitchen with the right advice.

A professional adviser of a good kitchen exhibit will be able to guide you through the jungle, as he will work with you to keep the thread of effective kitchen planning out of your hands.

An individual concept makes every kitchen unique. Thus, the number of possible variations in the design of a country kitchen is unmanageable. In order to find exactly the right variations, you need to know the entire offer.

The consulting professionals of a good, large kitchen exhibition are at the customer’s disposal with their experience. A good kitchen consultant will accompany you with competence during the entire planning phase to your new country kitchen. After completion and installation, you can sit in it and enjoy your new kitchen.

Skilled combinations for your new country kitchen

You can achieve a unique design of your country house kitchen by choosing combinations with, for example, softwood furniture in the Wilhelminian style, as well as with kitchen utensils such as grandmother’s shabby chic style.

It is also quite easy to individually and decoratively enhance a country kitchen. All you need is some carefully selected vintage accessories such as vintage kitchen utensils, old enamelware, decorative ceramics, hand-crocheted kitchen curtains and tablecloths with embroidery or flower print.

A good, large kitchen studio has the complete equipment for you, with which you can decorate your new country house kitchen individually and individually.

Your personal kitchen advisor will coordinate the entire interior harmoniously, from the fridge to the teaspoon with the right concept. Even if your desire does not go in the direction of a perfectly styled kitchen, the consultant will be able to create a consensus that lives up to the claim and the reality.

To fulfill the dream of living reality with a country house kitchen

You want to finally fulfill your dream of a country house kitchen? Then you just have to go to a kitchen studio. Your desire to live will be transformed into an adequate kitchen concept with the right kitchen consultant. Only then is the realization of your dream kitchen possible.

Your professional kitchen consultant realizes the real possibilities for planning the effective kitchen based on your requirements and ideas. For a perfect kitchen planning, he also takes into account the financial flexibility and spatial planning. In the end, your dream will come true in the kitchen, redesigned with kitchen furniture and appliances.

These points should be considered when planning your country kitchen

No matter which style will characterize your country kitchen later, you should not forget some things before and during the purchase.

The location plays a major role. Setting up the kitchen on the ground floor is usually not a problem. But it can become one if you plan to install the kitchen on a higher floor. To avoid permanent or irreparable damage, you should consult a structural engineer for an upper floor, as country kitchens are usually made of solid, ie heavy elements.

Another aspect to consider is the way to the kitchen. Are the elements disassembled or are large, massive parts delivered? Then not only the stability of the kitchen floor is in demand, but possibly also a staircase. In addition, the paths may not be too narrow for larger items.