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Light Decor ideas

Light Decor ideas

What cheese is for pizza, moon to is for night and black is for white; light is to a room. Without light, one cannot even imagine a room (unless we go back to the Stone Age, even then some man got the idea to rub two stones to produce fire). Light is one of the only constants in the world that could not be replaced by anything else in the exposed world’s exposed world. So light fixtures are an extremely important part of home design.

If you question yourself about the types of luminaires, professionally, luminaires are divided into three types:

A successful interior designer will keep the lighting requirements of a room in check to achieve their lighting goal. So ask yourself if …

The activities that will happen in the room.

What type of lighting for these activities in mind?

Is there a need for a work lamp in the room for work-specific lighting?

Or is a general light enough and meets the requirements of the room?

Will it be necessary to install lighting controls on the light? For extra effects?

Is there a specific decorative item in the room that requires attention?
Do you need to select this lighting fixture that you install in the room because it is antique and needs a headlight?

Or do you just want enough lighting to blend in with the surroundings?