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Chandeliers the perfect lighting for home

Chandeliers the perfect lighting for home

This year, the light in the house is about drops of crystal and glitter of the chandelier diamond.

Gone are the rows of modest track lighting and shiny edges of hidden headlights, the chandelier is bold and stylish and is used by top designers to make real statements for some homes.

Once only gracious stately homes and enjoying a brief revival in the 1970s, this distinctive piece is now about attractive lamps with style and attitude, with shade in matte black metal combined with classic gold arms of sparkling synthetic gemstones.

Once only seen in the dining room, in the living rooms and possibly in the corridors, the boundaries for where you can now place a chandelier have been pushed to the far edge of the home decoration design and you will just as easily find one that hangs in clothes as you would over the sofa.

A chandelier in the toilet is crucial for the soap’s bling.

Visualize relaxing in the bath with candles around you and looking up to observe the light from the flames glistening over the diamond-shaped glass.

For the romantics among you, how about going into a boudoir that is luxuriously adorned with body lighting?

Adding a Chandelier Light over the bed will take precedence over the dream of many Mills & Boons fans, with a variety of matte black tinted lamps that give an atmospheric gothic feel to sitting next to rich red and purple walls and linen.

Every little girl wants to be a princess when they get up and at a mini crown in their bedroom; this vision can be felt a little closer.

Smaller, modest chandeliers Candles can be easily installed as an information for your little princess. Astonish her with a room that will want to go to bed every night to see the twinkling love in her river castle shining in the moonlight.

In recent years, functional, modest and useful lighting has dominated the kitchen design. All of this has changed with the phenomenal increase of placing a chandelier in each room, and currently track or rail lighting is used as a bending lighting to turn off the chandelier, rather than being the main light in the hub of the house.