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hanging lighting fixtures

hanging lighting fixtures

Hanging lighting fixtures are something of great benefit as well as beauty. These are made to be fixed in different places in a house and come in different shapes, sizes and styles.

From traditional style to modern, the design area for these hanging lighting fixtures has no end. Here are some of the most popular designs in these lighting fixtures.


This type of hanging light fixtures is best fixed in a kitchen because of the material they are made of. This lighting can be fixed above the dining table in the kitchen so that the light falls directly on the table. This is the best source of ample lighting for a regular daily meal. It is a perfect example of modern lighting style. In addition, stainless steel frame can match other electronic appliances used in the kitchen. Stainless steel is the most suitable material to be fixed in the kitchen because the grease layer that forms on the pendant can be easily cleaned.


This is one of the modern types of pendant lights. It is generally suggested that three 10 watt energy saving lamps be used in these suspended lighting fixtures. The main feature of this type of lighting is its wooden cork screen. In addition to wood, steel is also used to design this pendant, which provides more durability and style. The cork is in beige and brown chrome finish. The pendant on this pendant can be adjusted as needed. This can be mounted directly in the ceiling and can be used to attach over the dining table in the dining room.


This type of hanging lighting fixtures gives an elegant style to the place where they are hung. The main features of this type of pendant are the six globes in the same shape but different colors that are hung with different heights from the same base. The material used to make the globe is glass and the shape of the globe is round. The pendant has a polished chrome finish. The voltage of light bulbs to be fixed depends on the consumer’s choice. This type of lighting fixture is perfect to use in the lobby, entrance hall or living room. The glass globe screens give delicacy to this lighting fixture.

In addition to the above, there are many more styles in hanging light fixtures that are designed to be perfect for different places in a home.