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Living room with spotlights

Living room with spotlights

Spotlights help provide light where you need it most, to highlight your art collection or family portrait. Many of the spotlights today have built-in LEDs that help save energy. Spotlights can also be equipped with LED lights.

Different types of spotlights

Spotlights are mostly used in stage performances and sometimes in houses to mark certain places or objects. There are different types of spotlights such as piano convex, sequential, ellipsoidal, beam projector, Fresnel, PAR Pin and parabolic aluminized reflector.

Piano convex consists of a single lens and was mostly used in the days when theater was a widely used source of entertainment. It is convex or round on one side and flat on the other. They are used to produce light that is axially symmetrical with a soft edge. Followspots are spotlights used to follow an actor on stage. It is operated by a human operator and sometimes they have beams with color changers to get different effects.

Give your living space a new look with headlights

Ceiling lights also called downlights are used in rooms instead of ceiling lamps where the other lamps in the room are wall lamps. This can give the room a sense of space. They are not always the best light source in a room in some cases but many times they can be used to make a dark room useful.

Previously, headlights were considered a drain for energy consumption, but today LEDs have changed this. LEDs can work for 10,000 hours without any problems. You can get different sizes and colors that you can choose to light up your room.

The problems with headlights

When mounting headlights, they must be a small distance apart to prevent heating and fires. Even when using LED lights that are cool, it is best not to place them too close to prevent an accident. You can not place insulation on top of these lamps. If insulation is to be placed on these lamps, they must be covered so that the insulation does not come into contact with it.

So if you want to add spotlights to your living room, you can choose those with F-triangle.