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Table lamps for living room

Table lamps for living room

Table lamps for living rooms are known for being decorative and practical elements required to give a finished look in any living room. Apart from their decorative function, they either take a balance in your living room or add a balance to the interior, they help to illuminate most task-driven activities and they will always add interest and color to any neutral palette.

There are different types of table lamps for the living room, before you buy you need to decide what you want them to take with you to your space and how you want them to work.

Hexagonal iron table lamp

This is a uniquely manufactured table lamp in that its intricate lighting system can automatically transform your decorative elements in the living room. It is made of quality metal; black cord, canopy and a strong metal base therefore it can serve its function for a long time. Apart from its durability, the table lamp can use either light bulbs or energy saving lamps. Its installation procedure is also simplified, safe and secure.

Table lamp made of mercury glass

You can add a stunning and glamorous point of contact to your living room with this beautiful mercury table lamp. The metal and glass construction gives the lamp a modern and elegant look, while its base helps to create a wonderful effect. The lamp is not complete without its double-layered lampshade and a layered drum shade that gives the table lamp an extra visual plot.

Table lamp in silver wine

You have the opportunity to light up your living room with this table lamp which has a highly polished silver base and a beige drum, both decorated in mosaic, mirrored and golden scrolls. The best thing is that you can show this lamp among your traditional decor and that your living room will have a cohesive look.

Square accent table lamp

The square accent table lamp can easily be described as a modernized, clean and stylish table lamp and it always stands out in the living room. The three light bulbs mainly have shades that are rectangular in shape and made of opal glass that are placed to complement a unique look, while the stylish lines of the lamp help to give a unique contemporary look. The lamp is perfect for any living room that is decorated because it blends into traditional, modern or contemporary decor.