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Rich decorative feeling

Rich decorative feeling

A chandelier is a decorative and stylish ceiling-mounted luminaire with a number of branches to hold lamps and light bulbs. Chandeliers can be elaborate and flashy that can transform the whole look of any room. Large chandeliers are often installed in the living room or over a formal dining table while the smaller ones look great in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Chandeliers not only provide lighting, but they also reflect your personal style, whether you go for a modern chandelier with crystal or transition.

Find the perfect chandelier size for each room

Each room requires a chandelier of a certain size so determining the size is the most important consideration before getting a chandelier for any room in your home. For high ceilings and entrances, high chandeliers will be perfect. The best way to find the perfect chandelier size is to add the length and width of the room and convert the total in inches. If the room size is 14’x16 ‘than the size of the chandelier should be thirty inches. For the dining room, the size of the chandelier should be about twelve inches narrower than the dining table and about four feet away from the walls. The chandelier should hang about seven meters from the floor or about 30-32 inches above the table top. Small chandeliers are best for the kitchen or bathrooms.

Types of chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers or crystal chandeliers are by far the most luxurious chandeliers that have never lost their popularity even in modern times. These recessed chandeliers often with several lamps give a glittering style to any room. Crystals and glass spheres reflect light for a typical shine while the metal hardware offers durability. The modern chandelier with raindrop looks really royal for doorways or stairs with high ceilings. For a room with Asian-style décor, a bronze-colored chandelier designed as a vine with inverted or downward-facing copper gives a soft radiance to your home. Fantastic chandeliers with leaves and flowers in pastel colors can give your room the look of a garden. Some draping pearls and crystals just complement the look.

Unique chandeliers for light fixtures are thus decorative and functional at the same time as they provide unsurpassed lighting that becomes the point of contact for all rooms. In fact, the multi-directional light they provide shines in every corner of your home.