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The right light for the home.

The right light for the home.

The most important design element – the light is often the most ignored. You can use the best of color schemes, fabric, furniture and other decorations, but the effect is lost if the lighting is not right. Lighting has a dual purpose – to illuminate the surroundings and emphasize the beauty of the other design elements. Each area of ​​the house must be properly lit according to its functional requirements.

Appropriate use of light.

The lighting should be installed after use and decoration in the room. Bright lights are more suitable for work environment while soft lamps are suitable for relaxation and entertainment. Light can be mixed so that a room looks different. The light for the home is one that matches the colors of the room and the occasion. It is important to use the right light fixtures to emphasize the design of the house. Traditional chandeliers, contemporary pendants or ceiling fixtures in the corridor create a welcoming atmosphere. Mirrors with lamps around can give the interior a welcome shine.

Types of lighting

To get the right lighting scheme for the house three types of lighting are used based on the functionality of the space to be lit. These must be placed properly to get the best results. Task lights, such as table lamps, are best suited for work spaces. Accent lights or spotlights are intended to illuminate artifacts, murals and other design elements. The surrounding lights cast a soft glow over the entire area. They enhance the atmosphere of the room, dramatize wall textures, highlight artwork and also provide general lighting. Recessed lighting or track lighting, add a magical touch to the area. Layered lighting schemes can be achieved with a combination of the different luminaires.

Create a contact point with lighting.

In the dining room, the table and dining chairs are prominent elements and require only focus in the focal point, which is the luminaire Chandeliers and hanging lamps draw attention to the focal point of the room. These can be chosen to reflect the homeowner’s personal style. Extra light fixtures can be used to get the lighting right.

Outdoor lighting

Using the right light fixtures on the outside is crucial to making a statement that reflects the personality of the homeowner. Various techniques such as lighting, down lighting, moon lighting, wall lamps, accent lights, floor lamps, etc. can be used to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the house and create lively, colorful drama. Apart from decorative lighting, lighting for safety is very important. Deck lighting and step lighting give the house security while highlighting its beauty.