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Advantages and disadvantages of oak wood

Advantages and disadvantages of oak wood

Oak wood is a valuable hardwood, which is used for indoor and outdoor. Thanks to its high durability, weather resistance and strength, the durable wood is often used in home and furniture construction.

The oak grows in Europe, North America and Asia. In Central Europe in particular stalk and grape oaks grow and in North America red oaks are native. The oak is an important deciduous tree for the European forests, as the wood is often used for the wood industry. The pedunculate oak, also known as German oak or Sommereiche, plays the most important role thanks to the permanent weather resistance in production. This oak wood is versatile, because it is hard, very durable and also easy to work.

Appearance oak wood

Like all deciduous trees, the oak tree consists of root, trunk and crown and reaches a height of 20 to 30 meters. The core of the oak is greyish yellow to yellow-brown and differs in color from the surrounding sapwood. For processing only the heartwood of the oak is suitable, because the sapwood is not durable. The clearly recognizable annual rings give the oak a uniform grain, which is characterized by fine or broad rays. When the oak is cut diagonally to the trunk, a grain in the form of the so-called veins becomes clearly visible.

Features oak wood

The benefits of hardwood include durability, weatherability, ruggedness and attractive finish. The durable hardwood is very resistant to external influences. In the soil and under water, oak is very durable thanks to the high concentration of tannins. The medium heavy, very solid wood warps little, but it breaks quickly. Due to the tannic acid contained, metals such as nails may rust and the wood may discolour. The steamed hardwood becomes soft and flexible. Oak wood can be well stained, glazed, varnished and smoked because the surface absorbs wood preservatives well. Outside, the wood can also be used untreated. Oak is a local wood, which has a positive effect on the good environmental balance.

Use of oak wood

The strength of the wood is highly appreciated in furniture making, flooring and paneling, as well as in the construction industry. The hardwood is mainly processed in Europe to solid wood furniture. In half-timbered construction, oak wood can survive as a beam even for several hundred years. For storing wine, whiskey, etc., oak is often used for barrels because of its special aroma and resistance to moisture. In the past, oak was used to make tannic acid necessary for leather processing. Among the disadvantages is that the wood breaks easily and it can oxidize metals.