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Awning for conservatory

Awning for conservatory

Tip – Awning for the conservatory

A winter garden is only there for the winter? No, that’s not true, of course, even if the name suggests. But it is true that some winter garden owners do not spend the summer in the winter garden. Because the strong sunlight can heat up this room quite nicely. With awnings, however, the heat can be kept outside while the light enters. And, of course, awnings can still be attached afterwards.

The oasis conservatory thanks to awning also use in the summer

Large window fronts characterize a conservatory and make it so cozy. In the winter that is also very nice. But in summer it can be a torment. Because the large windows let in a lot of light, bring on warm days with lots of sun but also a lot of heat with it. When it’s really hot outside in the summer, the sauna in the winter garden is sure to have hot sauna temperatures that make it almost impossible to stay in the winter garden. A good sunscreen, which can regulate the temperature in the conservatory while at the same time allowing in light, is therefore the optimal solution. An awning is very well suited for this. An exact and flexible control via the electronics ensures that as much light enters the winter garden as you like, but the heat stays outside.