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DIY lampshades for a new lamp

DIY lampshades for a new lamp

The fact that the house’s financial reports are not comfortable or that you should stay “pay to pay check” does not mean that the house has to deteriorate or the furniture is destroyed. There are cheaper ways to repair or replace dilapidated parts in the house. In this article, we discussed how you can do it yourself, a table Diy lampshades.

  • We start by drawing the triangular template that will cut all the pieces of the screen. It is drawn on a thick piece of paper, folded in half.
  • Cut the template and move it to the box. If you change the position of the template, there will be fewer cuts and less cardboard.
  • We use a cutter and a ruler so that the cuts stay very straight and we prepare 10 pieces.
  • We make a small cut at the bottom of the template. This cut is superficial, does not transfer the carton and is just to easily fold it.
  • In this way, in addition to saving money, you succeed in giving a personal touch to the decor of your home, and it will be your pride when you have visitors.

    How to make a DIY lampshade with cardboard and paper.

    One of the advantages of recycling is that we can make decorative items for our house at a very economical price, and in addition you work together to preserve the environment, save some money, which always comes in handy. With this spirit, this screen is realized by lamp with cardboard and paper, humble materials but which allows a good finish, beautiful and resistant.

    To make this Diy lampshade, you need a good cardboard box, which must be nice but hard, like the one used in the packaging of furniture and appliances, old newspaper or newspaper, school glue, a sweeter and a square.


    The result is a very original and decorative DIY screen, economical and made from recycled materials.