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French chandeliers

French chandeliers

Chandeliers give your interior a very royal look. Make them the ancient French and you are definitely at the top of the list of best houses and furnishings. If you want to learn why it would be right to do so, take a look at the beauty.

The design

Unlike the usual ones, the French chandelier is very high. While the modern ceiling lamps replace chandeliers in their design by transforming what is designed to be hung as something that does not seem to be, the French chandelier is a real classic. The body of the chandelier is glass, brass or bronze and is sometimes also nickel. This usually has elegantly hanging and curved arms, which are usually decorated by a designed glass of some kind. It can be a lot of glass beads, icicles, beads, drops, pendants or leaves. Some of these have cioccas or rather small clusters of manufactured polychrome glass flowers.

The glass can also be colored to further beautify the look. While the usual lighting is of lamps, candles can be used instead of the electric lamps to give your chandelier an absolutely antique makeover and thus make it stand out.

French chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and decorative types. But all mutually make your living in a hall a completely majestic look that no one else can hope to give. These country beauties are without a doubt the best lamps you can get.


The Ormulo chandelier, a classic French glass cut, is the name of royalty itself. The name is derived from the French word moulu, which literally means gold finish on a bronze object. The basic substance used was a gold-mercury amalgam already 18th century but when mercury was banned galvanizing became the popular norm. This design was a huge success. It has made French chandeliers increasingly popular.

Should you or should you not?

An ordinary modern chandelier will definitely give your ceiling and lighting a very charismatic appeal. But if you want to give your interior the pure magnificent experience, the classic French chandelier in glass will cut you the best.