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Office desk lampst ypes

Office desk lampst ypes

The office desk lamps were developed for a specific application to provide lighting to the area directly around them, sufficient to cover the area of ​​the desk or part of the desk. These lamps must comply with certain conditions to ensure that they can be used as office desk lamps.

  • Ensure sufficient brightness for the area near the lamp.
  • Cover the desk area.
  • Be light enough for comfortable work or reading.
  • Does not cover large area to be an obstacle to work.
  • These are the four main points that define an office desk lamp. Much depends on the power of the lamp and the design of the table lamps that control the amount of light emitted from the lamp.

    Here are the most common types of lamps.

    Light bulbs

    This office desk lamp is known for giving a bright yellow light. This lamp simply provides light due to the light emitting property of the material used, when electricity passes through it. This type of lamp generally emits a very strong light and it is therefore important to check the lamp’s power and lumen before deciding on one. The main disadvantage of this lamp is that they are less durable and generally consume more energy. The upside is that they are the cheapest, but when it comes to value for money, they are not that good in that discipline.

    Fluorescent lamps

    This type of office desk lamp is known for emitting a strong but soft white light that proves to be quite comfortable for work and reading. The most attractive part of such lighting is the table lamp designed for these lamps. They are very modern and stylish in design and build a very impressive presentation for the viewers. These bulbs are relatively expensive than incandescent bulbs. The main disadvantage here is due to their elongated form factor that their lamps can sometimes take up a large area of ​​the desk.

    Led lamps

    This type of office desk lamp is the latest to capture the market, with prices falling almost every day. The LED lights are fantastic when it comes to saving space on the desk and still provide enough light to be able to read and work comfortably. They could not be used as individual lamps, but they are generally clubbed together to form different lumen values ​​and are used accordingly. They have more advantages than disadvantages and are best when it comes to value for money, even though they are the most expensive of all types of lamps.