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Commercial pendant lights

Commercial pendant lights

Hanging lighting can almost be compared to a scaled-down version of chandelier lighting, usually with a lighting fixture. This gives a freedom to use them in any number you want. Instead of buying an expensive chandelier, for example, buying 3 or 4 commercial pendant lamps in different styles and hanging them in the middle of the house in a certain pattern gives a fresh and unconventional view of the room itself.

  • Indirectly hanging lighting fixture – Here the light is directed upwards, where it is further reflected from the roof of the house and thus illuminates the room.
  • Commercial pendant lamp can be classified into two main categories.

  • Direct-hanging lighting fixture – Here the light disappears directly from the light screen downwards.
  • Such luminaires are quite common in commercial buildings, where they find efficient use and also result in low energy consumption.

    Here are the most common types of commercial pendant lights.


    Glass is a material that is synonymous with lighting. The simple reason is that glass emits the maximum amount of light to the surroundings. This type of luminaire can come in a variety of glass shades, such as transparent, translucent and opaque. The opaque ones are most common as the indirect pendant lamp.


    Metal luminaires are more often available in the form of reflectors that direct the light in a certain direction. They also find their use in the form of direct and indirect lighting fixtures. Among the indirect ones, they generally have fluorescent lamps. Such lamps are found in large halls, usually in official buildings. The direct lighting luminaire is available in a wide range of bold colors, which gives a style ratio to these lighting luminaires.


    Drum luminaires are quite uncommon in commercial buildings, as they are relatively expensive than the other types of luminaires. They usually have a uniform color and surround the light in the form of the shadow. The shade material used here is linen. The big positive here for this fixture in the atmosphere of light as it disappears. This type of light fixture is usually found in restaurants where it provides a great atmosphere along with the style of the restaurant.