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Antique furniture

Antique furniture

The phrase “Old is gold” can be a little misleading for our household products as most of them lose their practical use and value during their life cycle. Much depends on the condition of the product, reusability, rarity and age to determine if it is just scrap or a collectible item that is worth preserving after a while. An ancient collection object (at least 100 years old) worth to the collector based on its existence, size, condition, usability or other unique properties is called Antique. We have antiques in most products such as books, cards, cars, coins, clothes, stamps, movies, etc. but the most common item is Antique furniture. People have traditionally preserved furniture with the hope that its value will be appreciated over time, while being used for its real purpose.

The majority of the preserved antique furniture is in the form of chairs, chests, tables, beds, etc. with most of them being used in the bedrooms. A rough classification can be made by distributing it under the support head towards storage versus decorative furniture.

1. Support furniture – includes chairs, beds and all types of seating.

2. Storage furniture – includes drawers, chests, shelves for storing books, clothes and other household items.

3. Decorative furniture – includes vase, clocks, lighting equipment and furniture for religious purposes.

Wood comes to us immediately when we think of furniture, but antiques can even be made of plastic or metal depending on its age. The most commonly used antique furniture is rosewood, oak, tulip, mahogany, pine, satin and teak. In general, the beds are made of solid wood, ie. teak, while other bedroom furniture such as drawers, chest, etc. can be made of any of the above. During the first years, simple furniture was developed only based on the tool front. Over the years, we have seen a transformation from simple to sumptuous to extremely designed furniture when society began to regard it as a symbol of well-being and status. The detailed craftsmanship of some of the bedroom furniture such as beds is exemplary and reflects the extravagant lifestyle of the individuals from that time.

Everything old is not antique but everything antique is certainly old! Some of the factors that differentiate:

1. No sharp edges or corners

2. Tooth pattern shows the used saw that can be dated back to its time

3. Growth rings in the wood

4. Single wood instead of several joints