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How to make deer crown

Chandeliers are an important part of lighting fixtures for accents. Various types like candle, pendant and other types are available in the market and one such popular one is the Deer Antler Chandelier. Many people think that it is human to have a deer crown because deer horns must be forced to be removed from the deer. However, it is important to know that male deer antlers have a new set every year, so do not worry about that. A cottage in the woods or with house decor with effect fits well with Deer Antler Chandelier. How to make your own Deer Antler Chandelier without investing a lot of money in the stores. You can easily buy electric lighting from the hardware store, which ensures that it works properly.

Manufacture of Deer Antler chandelier –

Step 1 –

Antlers can be picked up from any hardware store. They are usually easy to find and not very expensive compared to the ready-made ones in the stores. You also need to buy chandelier kit.

Step 2 –

Use an oil-based soap to clean the deer horn, even if it is brand new. When you have dried completely, add layers of polyurethane to get a finished look. If necessary, add a few coats but always wait for the previous coat to dry first.

Step 3 –

Make a hole in the tip of the deer horn where you want to add lights to it. Drill more holes next to the deer horn. A circle of wires of the lamps will pass through them as they arrange the deer horn in the form of a circle. When the deer horns are in the desired position, tighten it and tighten the wire ends by twisting them.

Step 4 –

Through the base of deer horns pass the wires and from the holes made at the tips. Now put the lamps in the light socket. It is likely that not all lamps will be at the same level. Use model clay to get them to the same height.

Step 5 –