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clean your stained glass lamp

Stained glass lamp

  • Wash stained glass lamps with warm water and mild soap should not be done.
  • Use of cotton cloth to avoid staining the rubber.
  • The use of a soap cloth followed by a wet cloth to rinse the soap and finally to dry it should also be avoided.
  • It is a rule of thumb that wet conditions are not intended for furniture. Stained glass can not be washed away as a kitchen utensil even if it is impermeable to water.
  • Beauty and homely feeling can be brought to any room with painted glass lamps. It is difficult to remove dirt and oil that has accumulated in the glass lamp above the dining table.

  • Stained glass, art glass or jadestones can be cleaned with lemon oil-based furniture polish or cleaning wax. The preservation of the stone’s luster and the stains in the glass screen is done efficiently. Lemon also protects the metal from rusting. Lemon is one of the oldest notches for removing grease or dirt from the fabric.
  • Glass cleaners without ammonia and alcohol should be used for transparent and bevelled lampshades.
  • Soft microfiber cloth should be used to maintain the pristine appearance of the stained glass lamps.
  • Apply spray directly on the cloth and not on the shadow and wipe it on the shadow in circular motions.
  • The way to clean the glass lamp shades can either work or have catastrophic effects on it. You can either have a satisfying feeling after you have cleaned it successfully or wake up to scary loosened stains.

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