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Decorative Wall hooks

Decorative Wall hooks

Wall hooks and coat hooks are more than just space-saving wardrobes in the hallway. They are multifunctional design elements that can be mounted individually or in groups as needed. Whether made of metal or wood, monochrome or colorful, simple or extravagant – a coat hook sets accents on every wall and can create order everywhere in the house, where space is in short supply.

Wardrobe Hook – Decorative and useful

If you enter a house or an apartment, you will first find the entrance area with a cloakroom, where you can put on your jacket, coat and accessories like hat and scarf. But despite its present location, the wardrobe often does not receive the attention that it would actually have to pay in terms of its intensity of use. Every day it is used from morning to evening, is used in passing and in a hurry and usually hardly a glance appreciated – it would reign in the hallway and hallway without their help the pure chaos. It is therefore all the more important to give it the most attractive appearance possible, especially in the entrance area as an optical reception committee for residents and guests. If this area is rather small and narrow, then wall hooks, coat hooks or coat hooks in numerous variations represent a particularly space-saving possibility.