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comfortable beds

comfortable  beds

Stackable beds for a comfortable sleep

Sleeping is one of the basic needs of a person. Therefore, humans have had special sleeping places already in their early years of development. From right beds But one speaks only, since sleep places stand out by feet from the ground and one began to upholster them. Already the Egyptians had a pronounced sleep culture, which was further developed by the Romans over the years, by not only sleeping in their beds, but also eating their meals. Due to the different stylistic epochs, bedsteads became more opulent and even simpler. Today, the trend in this piece of furniture is again in the direction of a simple design language. Beds are available in a variety of construction methods, for example made of solid wood or as a box spring bed without slatted frame. An even more special design has cots and baby cribs, which of course need to meet completely different needs.