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Fit for everyday life – thanks rocking chair

Fit for everyday life – thanks rocking chair

The rocking chair is back after a long time and as modern as it used to be. After a decade long break, the rocking chair celebrates a comeback and ensures a great relaxation from everyday stress. Meanwhile, a rocking chair is not just plain and comfortable, but there are many colorful and creative variants. No matter whether elegant or colorful and trendy, there is certainly a matching chair for everyone to rock. There are already very inexpensive rocking chairs in the market.

Swings provide a lot of relaxation

As well as drumming, rocking is one of the best natural techniques out there. As a result, people can really relax and just switch off. Even the shamans thousands of years ago swayed their bodies to fall into a state of trance. This trance technique was even researched scientifically. In the book “The Inner Land”, the author Joachim Faulstich reports how a trance state can arise through a rhythmic rocking, which calms the brain in a similar way as when asleep.

Who thinks the rocking nonsense and pure waste of time is quite wrong. After you rocked on a rocking chair comfortably in front of you, you feel refreshingly lively. During the teetering often solve problems, because then you have enough time to ponder in peace about everything.

The rocking chair was invented in the 17th century by US residents. The rocking chairs became really modern and also socially acceptable at the latest in the year 1860. A German master carpenter with the name Michael Thonet then started with the production. At that time, the so-called “swing-armchair No. 1” was bent over wood and water. While these bentwood armchairs were still quite expensive back then, today you can already get inexpensive rocking chairs that are available for less than 100 euros. This can also rock people who do not have so much money available.