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Decorative lamp ideas

Decorative lamp ideas

Decorative lamps are usually classified as one of the most important requirements when decorating any space. A decorative lamp will not only scare the surroundings but also complement other additions and embellishments. If you are looking for a unique decorative lamp which can embed your style statement and can create a charismatic signature look to your place then you are probably in the right place.

Commercially available decorative lamps

Once you are in a market, you will be overwhelmed by the many different offerings available in decorative lamps. Contemporary decorative lamp, transition decorative lamp, crystal pearl lamp, bronze-colored single lamp, chrome base lamp and decorative lamps in Victorian style are few of many decorative lamps. You can enlarge the look of your bedroom vanity by placing a stylish decorative lamp on it. Not only will it create exotic charm but also serve the purpose well. Decorative lamps can be a part of any home. Children’s room, dining area, main entrance, coffee table, guest bed and kitchen buffets can be garnished with the addition of a decorative lamp.

Decorative lamps for different themes

Mostly modern and contemporary themes are the most common themes in the United States but other themes are also in vogue. You can integrate decorative lamp that is relevant to the specific theme to glorify the enchanter. Traditional, tiffany, transition, vintage and landscape themes can be enriched with some extraordinary decorative lamps.

Create your own decorative lamp

Style is independent of budget. If you have a limited budget and want to create something elegant, innovative and unique, you can experiment by making your own lamps from recycled materials or by rebuilding old ones. Old vases can be converted into decorative lamps. To make a lampshade, old fruit baskets can be colored with striking shades. You can tempo beads, pearls and other embellishments to beautify the lampshade. Old washing machine drum can also produce hanging lamp. Just add the function, pattern and color of the drums. Install light bulbs with the right wires and hang them anywhere you want to add charm. You can add a twist to the look of the lamp by giving it random shades or sometimes the most common fashion colors to them. Ombre hair color and lip color have recently become a hit, introducing the same shade into lamps will definitely reveal that you are well aware of fashion styles and patterns.