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The advantages and disadvantages of flooring carpeting

The advantages and disadvantages of flooring carpeting

Flooring carpeting

For carpets, it is important how this is properly cleaned and laid. Who wants to give up the fluffy feeling underfoot? Who decides on a rug, which receives a pleasant ride and a soft floor covering. Just because mostly large areas are occupied by the floor covering, the room atmosphere is so very influenced. Important is the consideration of the pattern, the color and of course the material. The floor should always match the decor. Before a carpet is bought, you should always worry about the height. The height is always crucial for the fluffiness.

The advantages of carpeting:

  • Only limited impact sound insulation is required
  • There is a great variety of design
  • The carpet is sound-absorbing
  • The floor is warm to the feet and non-slip
  • It gives a smooth ride

The disadvantages of carpet:

  • Mites infestation and house dust possible
  • Care intensive, not easy to clean
  • Sensitive

About fluffiness decides the height of the pile

The already ordered band of loose fibers is understood in the textile industry under Flor. The height of the pile in a carpet determines how long individual fibers of the carpet are. These fibers are perpendicular to the surface of the lower fabric. The high pile feels compared to a lower fluffy. If the pile height is less than 1.5 centimeters, then it is a short pile carpet. The high pile carpet has between 1.5 and 5 centimeters and the long pile carpet more than 5 centimeters. The longer the fibers are, the less the carpet is suitable for heavily used areas or stairs. The pile density is also important because the thicker the carpet is, the more trittelastischer it feels.

What is carpeting made of?

Carpets made of paper, coconut fiber, rushes, abaca, jute, seaweed and sisal are natural fiber floor coverings. These floors have no pile and are woven smooth. Products made of mixed fibers, products made of polypropylene, polyester, nylon and wool are referred to as textile carpets.

The manufacturing process

Not every carpet is the same, because there are differences in the processing and production. Out of pure wool, the rugs are mostly woven and the rug is all the more durable and durable, the denser the fabric. Compared to woven carpet, the knotted floor has upright fibers and a soft pile. The pile is incorporated into the lower fabric in tufted carpeting. The pile may be shorn or looped. Some carpets also combine both forms. The tufted floor is sturdy and cheaper than woven floor. The pile fibers are glued or welded to the back of ready-made floor. This floor is not durable, thin and inexpensive. The non-woven fabric is mechanically strengthened by the barbed needle felt technique and thus the floor is very hard-wearing. Various coatings are available at the carpet back. There are foam coatings, jute or latex. These materials work against bumps and provide for adhesion.

Lay a carpet

The carpet is sold as a rug and it is stored on rolls of various widths. Depending on the need, the carpet can be bought after square meters. The carpet can be glued to edges, partially or completely. A specialist can tense the floor. The surface must be smooth and with balancing compound holes or bumps can be adjusted. In the adhesive there are different degrees of adhesion and so strong adhesive or removable again. For laying there are usually exact provisions in the lease.

Clean the carpet

If you want to enjoy the carpet for a long time, you have to clean it regularly. Mites, dust and dirt settle over time and thus the carpets age faster. Every one to two days the floors should be cleaned. Experts also advise a basic and intermediate cleaning. The carpet can last for at least seven years. The care contributes to the preservation of value and thus the flooring can look appealing for a long time. During the partial cleaning cleaning powder comes on the carpet and by means of a brushing machine this is massaged in and vacuumed after drying. The basic cleaning is the most effective and effective method. A detergent is foamed with a spray extraction machine, the soil is massaged and then it is aspirated. With a brush vacuum cleaner is sucked in again after drying. If you have stains like sauce, chocolate or red wine, you should remove them immediately. Otherwise, they can react chemically with the fibers when they have dried. Stain remover and extraction cleaner should be in the household.