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Metallic flooring

Metallic flooring

Epoxy resin floor, not only in the industry a hit

A common floor must be daily against the dirt and pressure. Not every floor can be used in rooms where chemical agents are used and where high loads due to mechanical devices can be expected. In this case you should use an epoxy resin floor. This is a floor that is not laid out like others, but a liquid coating that is applied. The packaging of an epoxy resin floor contains a hardener and the epoxy resin. Both components are mixed and thus form a mm thick coating.

We recommend always to observe the correct mixing ratio. The usage characteristic is strongly related to the mixing ratio. If the epoxy resin floor is used in a conventional garage, the specifications on the packaging should be observed.

Before coating

For a long-lasting result, the substrate must be prepared accordingly. This work should, if possible, be carried out by a specialist, because an incorrect treatment can lead to a very short life.

Using a schmidt hammer, the compressive strength of the substrate can be determined, which must be sufficiently present under all circumstances. Another factor is moisture and moisture. If the soil is not completely dry, it will result in a poor result. The floor must be dry and the residual moisture must not exceed 4% by mass. In summary, the following steps are necessary:

  • Clean the surface
  • grind
  • mill
  • Shot peening

As mentioned, this work should be done by a specialist, because in addition to the required know-how, this has all the important tools.

The eye also plays along

There are almost no limits for the optical ones. It does not always have to be monotonous and boring colors. In shops, different shades can be mixed together. The possible colors are presented using a RAL color chart. However, epoxy resin floors have the disadvantage that they are not UV-resistant. If the soil is exposed to constant sunlight, yellowing will occur. Alternatively, it is possible to use a UV-resistant cover layer, thus an epoxy resin floor could be realized outdoors.

In addition to the color design, a Chipeinstreuung be performed, which gives the floor a certain extra.

The costs

As with all other goods, there are no limits to the top. The cheapest solutions amount to around 40 EUR per square meter. One factor is the local conditions. Even special requirements or wishes (eg: color combination) can quickly push up the price.

To find the best deal, there is only one way: compare!

Meanwhile, the market is full of individual manufacturers. Prices are usually calculated free of charge. Everyone should use this service to compare several offers.

Advantages and disadvantages of epoxy resin floors

The epoxy resin floor has several advantages. This faster “designed” than a conventional floor and can be fully loaded after just three days. In addition to the possibility of heavy soil contamination, it is very resistant to chemical agents or oil. The good traction ensures a safe working.

However, there are some small drawbacks that an epoxy resin floor entails. In addition to the high price, the floor coating has a high viscosity. Processing below 10 degrees is also not possible, which could be a problem in winter in unheated rooms.

Here epoxy resin floors are used

It is rare to find such a floor coating inside an apartment or a house. Possible is the employment in the hobby workshop or garage. Mostly in the industry is set on it. These include clean rooms, warehouse, etc.

If all work is carried out responsibly and professionally when coating with an epoxy resin floor, this is very durable.