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Choose a metal crown

Choose a metal crown

Did you know that you can use chandeliers in metal to design your home? Metal chandeliers are not only sophisticated but they always accentuate your interior. In addition, you always get a perfect metal chandelier for every room in your home.

Antique metal crown

The chandelier definitely rules your living room; apart from the metal casing at the base, the gold leaf attached to the ceiling is glamorous. The dynamic rollers are intertwined with loans at the bottom of the chandelier while the glass screens cut up the rollers in a unique triple-step arrangement. The chandelier is very large and it can hold up to twelve lamps.

Chandelier in brown metal

This chandelier will take your breath away, especially if it is installed in the kitchen as it adds a sophisticated touch of grandeur and class to your kitchen. In addition, you can use other used lighting fixtures to illuminate your kitchen and highlight your brown metal chandelier.

Chandelier with deep black metal

The chandelier has two shades of alabaster glass and well-decorated iron, the several roller arms hold up to twelve light bulbs. You can choose this chandelier as it holds up to thirteen light bulbs that can be arranged in two levels. In addition, it gives a comfortable feeling in your dining room. The chandelier comes with its own chain fixer and a finishing hatch that guarantees that you can easily install the chandelier in your dining room.

Chandelier in fine metal

You can decorate the entrance to your house or dining room with this elegant chandelier. At the end of the rollers is a backlight that you can redecorate or install other lamps. The chandelier has a wide frame, two canopies and nine lamps. It also includes a suitable chain and connecting cables, so you will have an easy time connecting the wires.

Iron roller chandelier

This is a rustic metal chandelier and you can use it to decorate and transform your traditional interior into a fantastic modern interior. It has an iron and has fantastic controls that are not only extra but also optional. It is wide, so you can use it to highlight other lights or highlight. The natural tone of this chandelier gives you the freedom to play with the colors.