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Chandeliers types and tips

Chandeliers  types and tips

Chandeliers always succeed in adding glam and grand component to any building or house. It is important for one to choose the right type of chandelier for the house or building. Sometimes with the wrong type of chandelier, the place can give a very confused sight. The fact that the market comes in with a wide range of chandeliers also does not make it easy to choose the right luminaire. How to determine the right fixture for a place?

  • Bronze luminaire – As the name suggests, the metal frame is made of bronze. The bronze luminaires are generally heavily designed and prove to be on the higher side when it comes to costs.
  • Let’s take a look at the different types of chandeliers that are available along with some tips on where and how to use them.

  • Wrought iron fittings – These fixtures are made of wrought iron and are generally common. They give a rusty look to the environment with their styles and choice of metal.
  • Glass luminaire for moderate halls

    The glass luminaire is the most favored and the most common chandelier luminaires of all. It is very tricky to choose this fixture because it can easily consider the place where it fits. The interior design book’s codebook states that glass fixtures must usually be used for rooms and halls that can accommodate a moderate number of people. This can range from 25-50. For such halls or rooms, a medium-sized or large glass chandelier luminaire can be used.

    Crystal Fixture for large halls

    The most expensive of all the chandelier is the crystal luminaire, which is truly magnificent in appearance. This type of fixture has crystals embedded in the framework. The lights emitted by such luminaires look starry in the roof of the building. This is exactly the reason why they are best suited for massive halls and auditoriums, where their beauty can be well appreciated. Apart from that, these luminaires are quite expensive.

    Metallic luminaire for moderate halls and small rooms

    This type of chandelier is most common in houses because of their modest appearance. They fit best in a house that can accommodate 10-15 people. The best thing about such a fixture is easy accessibility and variations. Because they are a metal luminaire, they come in a wide range of options, where you can see luminaires that are heavily designed for ordinary. Each of them has its own uniqueness when it comes to greatness. The two most common metals used in such fixtures are: